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Live Well

MCMS is excited to offer free confidential counseling services 

 that support physician well-being, resilience and growth. 

Taking care of the caregivers

Take care of your patients by taking care of yourself.  

Live Well is intended to provide a safe harbor for physicians to address normal life difficulties in a confidential and professional environment.

MCMS is dedicated to addressing the needs of our members by providing this voluntary resource.  Physician burnout manifests itself with disengagement, depression, relationship difficulties, early retirement, substance abuse, and suicide. Physicians tend to seek help to a lesser degree and at a later stage than other professional groups.  Our hope is to reduce the barriers that typically prevent physicians from getting the help they need and deserve.

MCMS has contracted with independent, doctorate-level therapistswho have been evaluated by the volunteer MCMS Physician Wellness Committee.  These licensed professionals are experienced in counseling health care providers and have demonstrated dedication to the needs of the MCMS physician.  Our providers will maintain a confidential file for each physician.  No insurance will be billed and MCMS will not be given any information about those who utilize the program.  MCMS will pay providers based on the number of sessions conducted.  MCMS membership will be verified with the physician finder on our website.  

Live Well (Previously the Physicians Resource Network or PRN) is a confidential service offered to MCMS members.  Usage of these services does not need to be disclosed on hospital privilege applications.  The Physicians Referral Network, seen on some universal privilege apps, is an unrelated entity.

MCMS will provide up to 3 complimentary sessions per calendar year as a benefit to our members. (If you are not currently a member and would like to utilize these services, you may join here.) 

Although MCMS has vetted the contracting therapists for general suitability, basic qualifications, and Alabama licensure to provide services, we do not independently verify their credentials nor do we guarantee their suitability for any particular issue for which a MCMS member may seek therapy. Referrals can be made to psychiatric care for more complex medical needs.


Select a contracted provider from the list below.  
2.     Call/email provider and identify yourself as a Madison County Medical Society member.
3.     At your first appointment you will be asked to sign the PRN Policy Statement which will be kept by your therapist.  You will also be asked to fill out a demographic survey at each visit which will be sent to MCMS.  These de-identified surveys will be used to evaluate program effectiveness and will serve as proof of visit.  

David L Barnhart, EdD

Licensed Counselor 

Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor

David Barnhart Bio

 810 Shoney Dr, Ste 120, HSV 35801


Natalie Frazier, PhD

Licensed Professional Counselor

Natalie Frazier Bio

2308 Pansy St, HSV, 35801


Violet Gilbert, DNP, PMHNP-BC

Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health/Nurse Practitioner

Violet Gilbert Bio

2308 Pansy St, HSV, 35801


Annie Agha, MD

Board Certified Psychiatrist

Annie Agha Bio

333 Whitesport Dr, Ste 201,HSV 35801

 (256) 690-5052

Email David Barnhart for appointment

Offering Telehealth visits

Email Natalie Frazier for appointment

Offering Telehealth visits

Email Annie Agha for appointment

Offering Telehealth visits

Special thanks to the generosity of our sponsors who make this initiative possible.

Madison County Medical Alliance

Crestwood Medical Center


If you'd like to support this mission with a tax deductible contribution through our Alliance, visit this site.  Your donations greatly are appreciated!

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